2D FightingGame

Done in groups of 3 over 6 months.

A 4-player fighting game in 2D in C# using XNA

Wrote a 4-player fighting game in 2D, inspired from Rag Doll Kung Fu in C# using XNA & .Net framework.

  • 4 playable characters with unique attacks
  • 2D animations
  • Combos and special attacks
  • 3 AI difficulty levels for the AI

Done over 6 months in groups of 3.

This project was my first video game. I didn't know much about how video games were working, so we tried to do what we though could be fun. And as first video game, we did a lot of mistakes in the design, but it was really fun to do it and to be able to play it at 4 players at the same time.


Thanks to msdn for the great documentation, and to openclassrooms, nico.pyright for the tutorial about C#, Le Meur Arthur and Antoine Bernard for their tutorial about XNA.

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